Israel Cocktail Party - Promoting The Chaine

To promote the Chaîne we staged a special event: a cocktail party at Cordero with Chef Yevgeny Koval. The restaurant is located in Neve Tzedek in the heart of Tel Aviv’s old neighbourhood near the old train station on the border of Jaffa.

At Cordero, united in one kitchen are three of the richest culinary cultures: French, Italian and Spanish. The restaurant not only boasts a Mediterranean inspired menu but is also decorated accordingly. For example, French light fittings from the 1950s which create a romantic and intimate feel, velvet sofas, Belgian chairs and white cloths.

We were sponsored by a drinks importer and thus could serve Louis Royer Cognac, great cocktails based on cognac and whisky, as well as red and white wine to accompany a wide selection of appetizers.


Bruschetta with smoked fish and mascarpone cream
Bruschetta with brisket and horseradish aioli
Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and balsamic glaze

Focaccia from the Tabun oven with house spreads

French rustic white and brown breads and quinoa bread
served with Cordero’s house butter

Smoked chicken
Homemade pastrami
Smoked salmon
Slow cooked whole lamb shank
Potato & kohlrabi gratin

Sweet endings - “L’assiette Cordero” - a selection of desserts

This was an event specifically aimed at introducing the Chaîne to young new prospects. It came following the recruitment last month as Chaîne members of three local celebrities who are consultants in the field of wine and drinks. Eyal Ziv in gastronomy, Niv Gilboa a famous TV personality doing restaurant reviews and a culinary consultant, Orel Kimchy, who is one of the leading young chefs in Israel.

We kicked back on their Facebook and Instagram tens of thousands of followers and advertised the event. We had great response.

Half of the attendees were members and half were prospects. I made a presentation of the Chaîne highlighting our operation locally and worldwide. The rest of the time was dedicated to mingling.

Following the event, we conducted several interviews. The outcome is new members where more than half of them are less than 35 years old!

Two of the new recruits are Instagram figures. We plan to use social media through them to promote the Chaîne message to their young followers. By continuing on this path our aim is to attract both growth and younger members.

Tami Lancut-Leibovitz
Bailli Délégué